Xeriscapes (zeroscapes) Landscaping

Xeriscaping also called (zeroscaping) is a landscape design that is water-efficient and appropriate to the Greeley and Colorado environment. Xeriscaping is very familiar to residents of Arizona and other arid climates. Greeley and Colorado in general is actually part of the Great American Desert, and lends itself to natural xeriscaping. The concept is to create an attractive landscape using mostly native plants that consume little water. A properly installed and mature xeriscape uses less than one-third the water of a lawn or turf landscape. Another advantage of a xeriscape is that it requires less maintenance. We have many xeriscaping concepts and ideas to help meet your requirements and budget.

Buffalo Landscaping & Snow Removal has a lot experience with installing and maintaining xeriscapes in the Greeley area, so give us a call us for a free estimate!

For more information on xeriscaping, check out this interesting Colorado Gardening Xerisapes Webpage.

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