Sprinkler System Blowout / Winterizing

The most effective method of preventing broken sprinkler pipes and lines over the winter, as well as preventing flooded basements in the spring is to use the sprinkler system blowout “sprinkler blowout” or “sprinkler winterizing” procedure. This method uses an air compressor to force air down the pipes and push the water out of the sprinkler heads. This should be performed prior to the first freeze, typically in early October. We perform sprinkler system blowout for both residential and commercial customers in the Greeley area.

Note that his procedure must be done correctly, and with the proper air pressure, or damage to your sprinkler system may result, or worse.

Buffalo Landscaping & Snow Removal has been performing sprinkler system blowout for over 20 years in the Greeley area, and we do it right!

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