Patios and Retaining Walls


Patios can serve a lot of different needs. Use your imagination  in your patio design. This is your personal area of the yard, and should not only be attractive and functional, but it should also reflect your personality.  There are limitless options. Give thought to the activities and parties that you want to do on your patio. View the patio as a place to reflect your personality and interests. From BBQ parties to personal serenity and everything in between. Also consider the number of guests  you may be having, so that your patio will be accommodating. As for various themes and designs.

Flagstone is a great option for patios, as the stone reflects the natural landscape of Greeley Colorado. Flagstone is abundant, with quarries along the front range, and as close as Lyons, CO. Flagstone comes in colors such as red, gray, blonde, and other variations. Flagstone can be obtained in fairly large thin slabs, and can be placed where grass grows tight to it, making for a great color contrast, and still easy to mow the surrounding lawn. You can also accent the flagstone by placing small contrasting gravel between the stones to give that puzzle piece appearance, or you can fill the gaps between the flagstone with colored cement to provide contrast and minimize weed growth between the stones. An abundance of options are available.

Pavers are also a nice options for a more “uniform” look, and like flagstone, you have several options on filling between the pavers, or you can place them tightly together.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be used to eliminate soil erosion or integrated into a landscape design to provide landscape contouring.  Retaining Walls can be constructed from a variety of stone, block or landscape timber materials based on your personal requirements for esthetics, longevity, strength and other functional purposes.

Use the internet to get an unlimited number of ideas. Get those juices flowing!

Buffalo Landscaping and Snow Removal of Greeley will help you every step of the way in the planning and installation process to create the perfect patio or retaining wall for you and your family.

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