Sod Installation

The condition and type of the soil under the grass is the most important element to the overall health of your lawn. Soil in the Greeley and surrounding area typically contains an abundance of clay, which is difficult for a new lawn to thrive in. In situations where you are putting in a new lawn you will have an opportunity to properly condition the soil before the grass or sod is planted. It is a good idea to have the soil tested before establishing your new lawn. The soil test report gives the type and amount of soil replacement and/or fertilizer to apply for your lawn. This fertilizer (and lime, if required) should be worked into the top four to six inches of your soil. Once your sod is established it is hard to do much to improve the soil at the root level. The soil should be tilled thoroughly, either by a rototiller or digging down a spades depth over the entire area. If you’ve added topsoil to your yard, you will want to be certain that it is well mixed in with the soil underneath the sod. Otherwise it is possible that the roots of your lawn may not penetrate the native soil.

Buffalo Landscaping and Snow Removal of Greeley can do all the necessary ground preparation for your new lawn, or can remove and perform a new lawn installation that you will be proud of. Call us for a free estimate.

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